Suzanne Nuss, Staffing Solutions Director

Suzanne has extensive expertise in "corporate matchmaking" including technical recruiting and unprecedented relationship building. Her keen understanding of technology and intuitive insight into people gives her the ability to quickly form long-lasting relationships with both clients and candidates. She prioritizes the fit factor on both sides of the hiring equation above all else, resulting in exceptional success for all parties involved. For over fourteen years, she has worked with IT professional services organizations focusing primarily on infrastructure and software development/delivery. She has also excelled within the Healthcare IT and the Oil & Gas industries. She possesses a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Colorado Denver. She is the recipient of numerous top performance awards and is consistently one of the top producers of hard-to-find talent.


Terri Pryor, Principal

Terri began her recruiting career in Dallas, Texas where she was formally trained in recruiting by Diversified Human Resources Group (DHRG), a recognized leader in the staffing industry. After holding several leadership positions in Dallas, Terri earned a promotion to District Manager to open the Colorado region. After DHRG, Terri held sales, recruiting and executive leadership positions with Keane, Computer Task Group, McDonald Douglas Professional Services, and Compuware. In 1994 she founded Denver Corporate Search, an Information Technology placement firm. Terri is best known for her ability to quickly form and establish long-term, trusting relationships which resulted in a robust list of 100% referencable clients and candidates. Terri remains one of the most prolific recruiters in the IT Staffing Industry today. She is recognized as having built one of largest networks of IT talent in the industry.